6 – 8 mph Scooters

High quality 6-8 mph scooters and accessories available across Yorkshire

Here at Mobility House, we stock all kinds of mobility scooter to suit all kinds of requirements. Some of our more popular models are in our 6-8 mph scooter range, and it’s easy to see why.

6-8 mph scooters are faster than the 4 mph – that much is obvious – but they also offer several other distinct advantages to their slower counterparts. For a start, they tend to be larger and heavier. This is a necessity of design since, the faster a mobility scooter travels, the more stable it needs to be to ensure the safety of the driver. This means you’ll be using a very stable mobility device, one that can handle minor bumps with little difficulty. The increased size means they are more comfortable, especially for our larger customers, but also means there is more room for padding or cushions if you’re going to be on the scooter all day.

To see any of our 6-8 mph scooters, or to try one out for yourself, book a free demonstration at our main Goole showroom, where our staff will be happy to assist you in making the right mobility scooter choice for you.

6 – 8 mph Scooters Mobility House

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