High quality bedroom aids and accessories available across Yorkshire

When you have certain mobility problems, even moving about the comfort of your own bedroom can prove difficult at times. Here at Mobility House we stock a range of bedroom aids and accessories that can help you with everything from getting in and out of your bed to dressing and undressing yourself in the morning.

From riser beds and support rails, to incontinence sheets and bedpans, there are all kinds of useful items in store to help you around the bedroom. These include shoe horns, dressing hooks, and button fasteners, ideal for people with restricted movement. And don’t forget a selection of pillows, padding, and raisers designed to make your bed as comfortable as it can be, improving your chance of a good night’s sleep.

To take a closer look at any of these innovative products, feel free to give us a call or to visit us at our showroom in Goole. Every member of the Mobility House team is a fully-trained professional with years of experience, and will be happy to lend you their expertise when choosing the right bedroom aid for your specific needs.

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