High quality bathroom aids and accessories available across Yorkshire

Do you have problems getting in and out of the bath, or raising and lowering yourself to the toilet? Are your mobility issues less extreme, but still preventing you from washing yourself as easily or as effectively as you would like?

An often overlooked consequence of restricted mobility, being unable to use the bathroom to its fullest can prove extremely frustrating. After all, we already feel that little bit more vulnerable in a room where we are often not clothed, where the walls and floors are tiled, and where it’s notoriously easy to slip and fall, especially if we’re already not too steady.

At Mobility House we have a wide choice of bathroom aids and accessories available for our clients across Yorkshire. These include grab rails and anti-slip mats, as well as long-handled brushes, inflatable bath pillows, and raised toilet seats, not to mention bath lifts, seats, and stools for added comfort and safety.

All of these items are available in-store, and we encourage our customers to pop in for a visit, or call us on the phone to discuss which of our bathroom aids might help you most effectively.

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