Scooters from £399, Rise & Recline chairs from £549, stair lifts from £950 and wheelchairs from £99 visit our shop today for great value.

For some, that’s the independence to pop down to the corner shop for a pint of milk. For others, the opportunity to make it across town to meet up with friends or run their own errands. Still others want to take it even further and see no reason for their mobility issues to hold them back – and rightly so.

For these customers, we recommend our range of travel scooters. Constructed to a lightweight design, these travel scooters are intended to be folded down and placed into the boot of a car for easy transportation, making them the perfect choice for any Mobility House customers looking to move further afield.

Our full range of travel scooters is available for delivery across Yorkshire, or you can pop into our showroom in Goole and try one of the devices out for yourself.