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Mobility problems come in all shapes and sizes. For some it involves having difficulties walking, standing, or sitting, with most of the discomfort located in the legs, hips, and lower back. For others, the mobility issues are less obvious to the casual observer, but no less frustrating to the person. These can include pains in the wrists, hands and fingers, a weakness of the upper body and arms, and many other issues.

This can cause difficulties with many day-to-day tasks, even things that we once took for granted, like eating and drinking. Here at Mobility House we have a wide selection of eating and drinking accessories that can help our customers to reclaim some of their independence during food preparation and meal times.

These include everything from simple tea trays, napkins, and utensil holders, to more ingenious devices like easy-pour kettles, ring-pull can openers, double handle mug holders, medication poppers and cutters, and so much more.

Staff at our Goole showroom will be only too happy to demonstrate any of these accessories to you, and to provide any advice that you might need.

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