High quality incontinence aids and accessories available across Yorkshire

Incontinence isn’t something that most people like talking about, but it is a common consequence of old age and, particularly, with mobility problems. When you have difficulty leaving your chair or ascending the stairs to the bathroom due to restricted movement, the occasional accident is bound to happen.

Here at Mobility House we have a wide range of incontinence aids and accessories that help to limit the discomfort and embarrassment that incontinence can cause.

From bedpans and commodes, to washable pads for beds and furniture, to discreet incontinence underwear you can put on underneath your day-to-day clothes, we have a little something for everybody.

Incontinence Mobility House

Staff at our Goole showroom are experienced and professional mobility experts, so you need not feel embarrassed asking them for advice in this area. They have dealt with thousands of clients across Doncaster, Pontefract, Scunthorpe, York, and beyond who have had similar issues to yours, and will be both polite and understanding about your situation.

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