Kymco K Lite F Folding Manual Scooter



Folding mobility scooter. K Lite F in 4 colours. Blue, Silver, Black and champagne.

  • Total weight: 18.9Kg
  • Distance: 9.3 miles
  • Lithium battery
  • Maximum weight capacity 19 stones
  • Overall length: 990mm
  • Overall width: 460mm
  • Wheels: 200mm
  • Maximum speed: 4 mph
  • Turning radius: 1300mm

RRP £2495 our price

£1795 includes 3 months free insurance and 1 years warranty.

Kymco K Lite F – Folding Manual Scooter has been designed to offer you the ultimate lightweight folding scooter, for ease of storage, transportation & handling.

This very compact & ultra-lightweight scooters incorporate the very latest technologies in lightweight materials, electronics, folding mechanisms & safety of use.

A multitude of special features have been developed to provide the most innovative solutions, to improve not only your mobility but also your ability to take your scooter with you, wherever you wish to go.

When folded, this little scooter can be stored in a number of handy locations such as; the boot of your car, aeroplane, bus & train storage areas, making travelling more convenient & trouble free.

Due to its ultra-compact folded size, storage just couldn’t be easier, in cupboards & most storage areas at home ! K-lite folding scooters utilise an ultra-lightweight lithium battery pack, weighing only 1.64 kg, making it so easy for you to manage.

You can even leave your scooter in a different location to the battery pack, such as inside the boot of your car. Then carry your battery pack indoors, to conveniently charge it up. The frame is made from a special lightweight aluminium, which makes this little scooter very easy to manage & lift.

We have also incorporated a simple quick release & removable seat, to enable you to create an even lighter package to lift, should you wish to make your scooter even lighter For convenience an “under-your-seat” storage bag has been added, allowing you to keep your valuables conveniently close at hand.

You can even reach the front access pocket from your seat. For safety a low power consuming LED front light is fitted, so you can be seen in lower ambient light conditions. K-life FE has a ‘child safe’ personal wireless remote, enabling you to fold & unfold your scooter automatically.

Additional ‘child safe’ buttons for folding & unfolding are located just under the drive controls, just in case you should misplace or lose your personal wireless remote..

    • Maximum User Weight : 120kg-9 stone
    • length : 990mm : 39:
    • width : 460mm : 18:
    • Height 800 – 935mm
    • Range : km : 9.3 Miles
    • Speed : km : 6.4kmh : 4mp
    • Battery 10ah : 24v
    • Wheel size- 200mm : 8:
    • Wheel Type : soft roll puncture proof
    • Total Weight inc Battery : 29.5kg
    • Lights Fitted : Yes Safety Front Light
    • Turning Radius : 1.300mm : 51:

This scooter is designed with lightweight components, making it one of the lightest scooters on the market. It comes with front & rear suspension, so you can enjoy a luxurious ride.


Black, Blue, Champagne, Silver


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